LiveWorkShare House – Regional Awards Commended in 3 Categories

LiveWorkShare House has been commended at the Australian Institute of Architects Brisbane Regional Awards. Awarded in the New House, Sustainability and Regional House of the Year categories. We're over the moon with the recognition we have received and look forward to the upcoming State Awards.

Thank you to everyone who organised the event and to the jurors' generous citations -

Category: Residential Architecture- New

This prototypical dwelling skilfully takes full advantage of the opportunities a dual street frontage block can provide. 'Live Work Share House’s' spatial flexibility and adaptability comes alive, while tectonics, cross ventilation, and orientation are simultaneously addressed with great care and confidence. The dwelling provides solutions to issues surrounding housing affordability, remote working, and the need to house a growing population through the rigorous testing and execution of options for occupation. Planning of the ground level includes an orchestrated cluster of micro courtyards that gives permeability and resilience to the building no matter what it's future use or guise. Hierarchy is achieved with the upper floor littered with bedrooms and through corridors that makes it light, airy, and infinitely liveable in our benign climate. Privacy is also addressed playfully with 'curtained' boundary walls and coloured fiberglass sheets. Gardens between and around the built form ground the composition with a productive connection to land which also gently soften its edges.

Category: Sustainable Architecture

This new house in the town of Samford (almost a Brisbane “dormitory suburb”) does what it says on the label. It delivers a range of biophysical related to energy use, materials, waste, health and so on. But it goes further providing a family home, a workplace and a place for another small family to live. The management of connections between these uses and the flexibility of the spaces to adapt to changes is based on clear, logical planning integrating the site and the building. The intention of making a sustainable and sustaining place has generated spaces that are comfortable, beautiful and a joy to be in. The building is commendable as a model of how people can live using very opportunity of an “ordinary” suburban land. It helps push the understanding of sustainability beyond the biophysical in considering a wider social/economic context.

Image by Christopher Fredrick Jones