Harriet House

This playful renovation uses an economy of means to dramatically transform a modest cottage into a flexible family home, with a new lower level designed so that it can become a self-contained flat once the children move on. The extent of yard is maintained by increasing the footprint of the house only marginally, while at the same time creating a new shady undercroft and rear courtyard terrace. These different landscape realms in association with the new lower semi-enclosed room have a theatrical and dramatic sense to them and provide for multiple

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groups to comfortably occupy a small block – teenagers/adults or tenants/owners etc. The extension is unabashedly different in its expression to the existing house.  A ‘tower’ that interlocks with the rear of the house, houses a new high ceilinged living space with a corner window looking back to the street.  The interior of the tower, along with the new stair void and kitchen, ‘speak to’ the scale and handmade feel of the existing cottage with expressed structure and assembled parts.  In contrast to this light interior, that of the new lower level interior speaks of our place in the tropics with dark stains and sliding translucent wall panels.


Brisbane, QLD


In progress