Indooroopilly57House is a makeover over of a 1957 house that was in bad repair and was for the most part filled with mean poorly orientated rooms. The house was essentially gutted and replanned with the exception of the two principle existing rooms - the original living and sunroom spaces.

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All the internal areas of the completed renovation are under the original roof with only the carport and deck the added to the footprint. What was a dismal drying yard in the centre of the plan has been converted to an intimate garden courtyard, adding amenity and improving passive ventilation. In place of a maze of rooms is a large open plan kitchen, dining, and living space that captures the northern orientation, overlooks the rear yard and pool, and opens onto both the courtyard and new generous deck.

The material selection for the renovation reflects the approach of amplifying the good qualities of the original house within an expanded richer palette. The extent of orange brick was reduced in places and extended in others, and highlighted by the addition of complimentary warm white brick. Timber elements were introduced in both clear finished and white washed. The continuity of the white washed plywood from inside to out, amplifies the radical opening up of the original envelope to the outdoors. While the level of internal fitout reflects the end use of the house as rental property, the overall generosity of the renovated house demonstrates how a house of this era can be given a new lease of life. This not only enriches the heritage of the city but makes sensible use of the human and natural resources embedded in the existing structure.

Photographer Scott Burrows


Brisbane, QLD