Toowong House

*Undertaken by Chris Bligh as Project Architect while with Bligh Voller Nield

The brief for this house requested a strong indoor/outdoor relationship and toxin-free construction. The strategy employed for placing the house on the small 450 sqm block was to essentially pull the deck into the middle of the house and to arrange the rooms around it.

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The deck became a form of outdoor room with a flexible degree of enclosure. The strong sense of the outdoors being brought into the centre of the house was reinforced by the high roof over and the structural expression of the exposed hardwood framing.

The use of this ‘courtyard’ type plan had the additional advantage of maximizing privacy from the neighbouring houses and heightening the sense of spaciousness in what is a house of modest size.

Environmental design strategies included:

  • – enhancing passive ventilation by exhausting hot air through the high-level louvres
  • – insulation to roof and walls
  • – allowing winter sun penetration
  • – selecting materials that do not off gas
  • – selecting natural paint and stain systems


Brisbane, QLD