Chelmer House


Chelmer House

The brief for Chelmer House was to remove an ordinary extension to a classic old Queenslander and create a new extension with two bedrooms, a bathroom, second living area and a new kitchen/dining/sitting area. The existing structure from the previous extension was utilised where possible.

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The principal strategy was to create a courtyard by placing the new wing on the southern boundary. The deck and second living area address the courtyard while the bedrooms and bathroom open to a narrow private and secure ‘bushhouse.’ From the street the simple form of the ‘bushhouse’ wall and pergola over set off the detail and grace of the original old house. At the meeting of the ‘hovering’ Queenslander and courtyard, a terraced garden brings the ground up to the house and deck. The Chelmer House interiors of the extension shift from a blending of new and old in the kitchen area to a decidedly more contemporary space in the second living area culminating in the raw concrete, render and steel plate of the new bathroom. This shift provides a varied background to the clients’ extensive and rich collection of furniture and art.

    Environmental design strategies include:
  • – maximisation of passive ventilation through high level windows, sliding batten screens and large openings
  • – maximisation of northern light and winter sun penetration
  •    together natural lighting of interior workspaces
  • – low VOC internal paint system
  • – rain water harvesting with 23kl of storage
  • – recycling and reuse of demolished hardwood wall and roof framing

Photographer Scott Burrows


Brisbane, QLD




AIA Queensland Architecture Awards
Regional Commendation AIA Queensland Architecture Awards
Regional Commendation for Sustainable Architecture